In a World... (R )

Vocal coach Carol Solomon lives in the shadow of her father Sam, Hollywood's go-to movie trailer voice, as she tries to break into the field herself.

Jim Jefferies : BARE (NR)

Australian comic/writer/actor Jim Jefferies (FXX’s “Legit”) is renowned around the world for his smart, crude, in-your-face attitude towards sex, drugs, and religion that’s definitely not for the easily offended. From his 2013 tour, this Boston show proves that new fatherhood hasn’t mellowed Jefferies one bit. Nothing is off limits for Jefferies’ sharp, frank humor, whether it’s sex with the mother of his child, auditioning disabled actors, or gun control.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (R)

In this feature-length adventure, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles -- just out of jail -- plan the lamest scheme yet: to get rich by stealing tons of change.

Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional (NR)

Comedian Jim Jefferies shares tales about living on the edge. In his true-life stories, good intentions are always wrapped up in deviant behavior.

Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl (TV-MA)

A young woman abandons her adopted family to become a high-priced prostitute in Sao Paulo, and documents her new life on a popular blog.

The Snitch Cartel (R)

Struggling to rise above his working-class origins, Martin Gonzalez begins selling drugs for the brutal North Valley Cartel.

Olympus Has Fallen (R)

A disgraced Secret Service agent must come to the rescue when Korean terrorists descend on the White House and take the president hostage.

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (NR)

A hardened vet of Rio de Janeiro's drug wars is now head of a special police unit, which comes with new responsibilities and dangers.

November Man (R)

An ex-CIA agent emerges from retirement to protect an important witness, but he soon discovers that old friends can make the most dangerous enemies.


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